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friggin a!

sick and tired of dreaming about celebrities. now i dreamed that i was friends with ren stevens and i was in love with louis stevens. great. *rolls eyes* we all went to school together and we were (we being the class) were trying on shoes at kmart. kmart! so i helped someone fix their gameboy and louis thought i liked him. i set it straight and we said we loved each other. i don't remember much, but i know we went to what i guess was my old school and had a big dinner. it was sorta fancy and i wasn't really welcomed by any of my classmates. they didn't dislike me. they just didn't know me or whatever. so i sat with ren and some other girls and i remember i just kept staring at louis. but he never looked at me. i was crying to ren about how i thought he didn't love me anymore. ren got up and went somewhere, i don't know where. something happened to the celery that was to be served. (i like celery) there were supposed to be shapes in the bottoms of them or somethig and they got messed up. so louis went away too. i was looking for louis and ren when all of a sudden he came up behing me and gave me a boquet of celery. (wtf?) i was crying i was so happy. he hugged me and said he was sorry. he said he loved me and i said it back. there was no kissing and nothing more than hugging in this dream so i'm pretty sure i'm safe. i watch even stevens and i think shia labouf is cute and all, but i don't keep track of ANYTHING that has to do with him. so....i dunno. i guess i just need to say no to tv for a while.
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