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i'm sick of this

ok, i've done it again. i've dreamt of another guy that's not my boyfriend. i feel so guilty everytime it happens.

i am in a new color guard and all the bitches i couldn't stand in guard when i was in school were there and making it hard on me to no end. there was only one nice person. even though i'm pretty good with flags i couldn't get it for the life of me. i knew that bobby was watching. (bobby is this adorable kid a few years younger than me that i worked with for a few years at publix. he has a girlfriend and i have a boyfriend so it's all good. we always flirted with each other at work.) but in my dream bobby was single and infatuated with me. when i got a break from guard practice he grabbed me away and was all up on me. he was holding me and pulled my face close and begged to kiss me. i was seriously tempted and i would rest my forehead on his chin and whatnot. i was skinnier in this dream too, as always. but the thing is, i wouldn't kiss him! this is a first in my dreams about other guys. i wouldn't kiss him because i have a boyfriend. and this time it was my actual boyfriend in reality. then the dream was over.

i'm tired of dreaming about other guys but i'm relieved that i'm so faithful..even in my dreams!
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