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48 Candles

Im a bird in a yellow orange and black and white world. I am a bunch of other birds are hungry but we cannot find any food. There are trees and bushes around us but we stay in the field picking for food. All the sudden we hear a buzz and look to the sky. One says that there will be a flock of flies that we can eat. We finally see them chasing another bird and try to fly up to eat them. I am struggling to fly, I can only make it all little ways.
All the other birds can get them just fine, but not me and a few others. Ill get a little ways up, then struggle then stop and go down a little before trying again. I cannot fly up. I fly over to some trees to the side that the flies are passing over and eat the berries. Then a bird screams from a little ways a away that they found a good place for food. We all go to the bird and fly through what seems like an alley way or something and end up looking around a dinning room.
I turn around and we were flying through an open front door the whole time. I am all the sudden a person, myself in a white little sundress. I grow paniced as little kids are picking up kittens from the pantry and I go over and put them to bed, asking them why they left the door open and I close that as well.
I clean up all kinds of mess and Rebecca (my best friend from elementary and preschool) is there helping me, she is my age even though I havent actually seen her in a long time. She gets all nervous asking if the parents will be upset that she was there. I told her dont worry about it, then the door opens and the parents to the kids Im babysitting come in. I whisper to her before they come in the kitchen where we are that I can say she is helping me.
They come in and look at her first thing, asking where she came from and who she is. I explain, but they both look at each other, Rebecca worried and the father with a blank expression like he is disapproving. The mother just straight goes to her room, she looks drunk or pissed or both. The father soon leaves after telling me that he wants his jacket cleaned by morning and throws it on the counter. I just watch him leave and sigh.
I turn because Rebecca made a sound and find myself in a car. I am watching from the passenger seat a little excited kid with a stuffed animal come up, looking at a car behind us. He stops by a rack on his way to the car and pouts. He sets the animal down and I hear his dad say before that he couldnt keep it. I sigh and watch him go to his car. My little sister is in the back playing with her hair and my dad is talking to me.
"Isnt it sad?"
I say yes and a vision of white falling feathers against a dull blue background before I wake up.
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