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yes, i've been broken hearted. blue since the day we parted.

ok, i'm having recurring dreams in which i am eminem's girlfriend. i don't really know why. i never thought he was cute until i saw 8minle. but he's not even that good looking. oh well, it's all good.

so now we are i the same bed and i wake up first. my dog is hurt (as he is in reality) and i tell him about the bed i made buddy (my dog). he's half awake but wants to see it. it's very cute how he's all rolling back and forth with his eyes closed and saying how he wants me to show him the dog bed. i give him kisses and eventually he gets up and comes to see the bed. he's holding me as we walk to my room. (the rooms are like that of my home) we walk up to the little bed on the floor and we look at ourselves in the mirror. i guess i'm wearing a skirt becasue he wants to get all jiggy in the sack. so he reaches over to turn off my computer monitor. (i don't know where it came from).

the next scene is me in the mall with johnny knoxville. what the shit? he's dressed all preppy-like and has a personal assistant with him. whatever that is.

but the whole eminem thing..i think it has to do with my boyfriend. he always acts tough but when it's just us, he's the biggest softy. that's my guess. ~alexis
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