Jonathan K. Ficticious (maneatingmonkey) wrote in perfectlildream,
Jonathan K. Ficticious

had a dream last night....

i'm at a high school graduation that is obviously not my own. the commencment is going on, but boring the hell out of my large group of friends. so we decide to check out one of the OTHER auditorium theatres in the building. sit down, and find "that special someone" in this dream. dark skinned, light haired, all everything girl. we take it to leave, the whole gang and her and i. we're talking out the car situation, and i am left to drive around in the van with her and i. it is raining, it is a dark, brooding night. something is amiss. yet as if situation was planned out perfectly, and shade of flavor of lipcolor or something rubs off from a wonderful, passionate kiss. everyone is a little faded as well, we head back to the auditorium. there is a strange exorcism on stage, where someone i know, some people i know are volunteering. i see a great white blue lightning hit them, and they are transformed into demons. one of them is a bat like creature, with ribs as bat wing fingers, very strange. grey, dark. there are others as well. somehow these are my friends, but i pay no mind to them, because i am watching from afar, and whatever sins they have commited is outside of me and her. before i can react, i am far away from her, floating toward the cieling. i know instantly, because i am who i am, and the excorcism brings out the true form of things (?), that i have turned into a ghost.

later, kids are doing their thing talking loudly, in silly ways in a dugout portion of a field. dimly lit. i know that my guy friends are still there, and somehow know, but can do nothing. i drift over to my girls friends, and create patterns of fluctuating air, like mirages and smoke, dancing in front of their faces. one girl freaks out apparantly, very much so, and i drift over to mine girl, and finish that kiss from before, and i know all the goosebumps and happiness and strangeness that she is feeling, but it still continues, wonderful and real just like before... only that i am a full fledge invisible ghost, and know what that feels like....
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